Our Story

Our dad developed the recipe initially 52 years ago where he worked the streets of Brunei, as a hawker (street vendor) trying to earn enough money to support a family of 10. Struggling against all odds, he developed the awesome recipe he would later bring to North America.

He made his noodles only to serve his friends, family and coworkers charging them only for their gas and time it took them to visit his home. He even delivered packages to his mother who always looked forward to the tasty treat. The fabulous noodles caught on and before long, everyone wanted more. People searched for the delicious meals, but they were at the mercy of whenever dad felt like making them and his kitchen was the only place this amazing taste could be found.

Alex, the youngest was unable to sleep one night, so he decided to do a marathon session of watching 5 episodes of dragon’s den. Tired of beating his head in the corporate world he decided a change was in order. One episode managed to pique his interest. It was about a girl who made buns based on a recipe passed down by her grandma. The effort that was put into the start-up business was inspiring. They had found the Canadian dream of coming to this country and forging a better life.

It brought back memories of the work his dad put into his noodle recipe that he created over 50 years ago. The noodles were so good that Alex’s childhood friend, Paris, would ride his way too small bike halfway across the city just to eat the noodles.

Recognizing the incredible opportunity before him, he immediately told his 2 brothers, Albert and Allen. Alex’s enthusiasm was infectious and it didn’t take much convincing to persuade his 2 siblings to join his quest to bring their dad’s noodle recipe to the masses. All 3 brothers were excited about continuing their beloved dad’s legacy and making noodles for future generations.

This was a painting done by our dad, Chee Liaw, of the original noodle hawker stand where he apprenticed in Seria, Brunei, 1961. Being the oldest of 8 siblings, he worked there to support his family. He remembers eating Golo everyday for 2 years straight. This stand is where he took mental notes of the recipes he would later develop. In this picture, he would have been the person in the yellow golo shirt working behind the stand.